Welcome to the Will It Stick Podcast with Alexis and Melissa! In today’s episode, they take a look at Aviation American Gin and Ryan Reynold’s role as the brand’s Creative Director and owner. While there has been an uptick in celebrity inducement in the liquor category, Reynolds brings this to a whole new level.

Alexis and Melissa talk about Ryan’s early obsession with Aviation American Gin in 2017 and how he quickly jumped into the business by buying company shares and becoming its creative director. They discuss Ryan’s roles in films and how he works to get other people, like George, involved in his business ventures. Working with a “small budget”, Ryan proves that he wanted to subvert the norms for marketing. Find out more about his auto-reply emails and “accessibility” to the public.

The episode continues as we dive into the YouTube e-commercials that were published and caught great popularity! From the intense process of creating his favorite gin to a Peloton Bike commercial dig to the story of a legal “leap year” drinker, Ryan strategically captured the public’s attention. They take a look at the OnlyFans website and content subscription service that catalyzed one of Ryan’s marketing movements. The overall talent behind taking such a nondescript brand on the shelf, to making it a well-known option within just years is insane!

Find out what Ryan is doing today and where he’s ventured off to after recently selling his share in this business. Alexis and Melissa cannot get over how Ryan moves so quickly through the narrow windows of time to ensure something is still funny and relevant. Learn that while every creative idea is bounced off something else, it really only sticks if you take it to the next level!

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