Welcome to the Will It Stick Podcast with Alexis and Melissa! This podcast dives into crazy marketing campaigns and stunts that brands pull. Don’t miss the amazing marketing movements and unique brand stunts discussed here. In today’s episode, they take a look at Jeep, a people-powered brand which captures the essence of community among its customers. 

Few brands have succeeded to create such a cultish atmosphere around their products in the way Jeep has. There is even a hand signal coined “the Jeep wave” that is a common protocol among Jeep drivers on the road. The first time the company acknowledged the tradition was in 2020 for Jeep’s 80th anniversary. The Jeep wave service promise was created, which offers new Jeep owners a premium service program including charge-free maintenance for 3 years.

In December 2020, hunters in Utah spotted a mysterious metal monolith in the middle of an open field. The mystery created lots of buzz, and then another one mysteriously showed up in California, then began multiplying in other countries around the world. Jeep decided to repurpose the eerie metal statues into charging stations for the Jeep Wrangler electric vehicle and their subsequent posts generated a huge amount of interactions on Facebook and Instagram.

Then, they launched a campaign in the Australian outback which gave the winner the chance to snag a Cherokee for just $10,000 at a remote dealership. In order to get the dealership’s location, customers had to download an app and wait for the phone number to be released. The first ten people to call in and prove sufficient finances would get the location. Soon, controversy arose when it was revealed that the phone number had been leaked the night before. It was a genius plan on Jeep’s behalf considering over 30,000 people called the hotline at the designated time, which inevitably led to a huge increase in sales.

Designed specifically for the war, American Bantam and Ford were also involved in Jeep’s creation. After Pearl Harbor, Jeep ran an ad for the very first civilian Jeep, searching for success among farmers. They created a 90-acre garden for its employees in which Jeeps were used to plant crops. Postwar, Jeep became the #1 hero. Many companies were dying to join in on the Jeep movement and created Jeep-specific accessories.

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