Welcome to the Will It Stick podcast as we take a look at the coolest and craziest marketing campaigns and dive into the details of how they failed or succeeded. Hosts Alexis and Melissa break down the craziest brand stunts, from the idea that sparked the stunt, to how it was pulled off. Join us for this episode, as they take a look at the iconic brand that is Louis Vuitton. From styles that don’t go out of fashion, to bags that increase in value, buying a Louis Vuitton bag is a right of passage for many professionals. The brand is synonymous with luxury and for six consecutive years was named the world’s most valuable luxury brand.

The brand began with trunks in the 1800s by Louis Vuitton. Many of their innovations were developed out of “champagne problems” which made it clear for a class of people who have disposable income. Storytelling as a sales tactic has been part of the brand from day one, the brand’s story is about the art of travel and they believe that each bag has its own story that is shared by client advisors. They’ve also utilized collaborations with other designers like Marc Jacobs and also video game avatars like Lightning. These collaborations introduce more people to the brand and allow the brand to create custom pieces customers can get excited for.

Luxury brands scoffed at using social media for a long time, thinking adults with money weren’t using it. Now, Louis Vuitton is in the top three luxury brands in terms of social media engagement. They do this through a clear consistent brand on all their platforms and making all their content highly visual. Louis Vuitton also has a way of making everyone feel welcome on their media platforms by engaging with all people and live streaming big events. They’re inviting people into a space they wouldn’t normally be able to exist in.

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