Welcome to the Will It Stick podcast as we take a look at the coolest and craziest marketing campaigns and dive into the details of how they failed or succeeded. Hosts Alexis and Melissa break down the craziest brand stunts, from the idea that sparked the stunt, to how it was pulled off. Join us for this episode, as they take a look at the what marketing and advertising looks like in the METAVERSE. The future isn’t just coming, it’s already here!

The Metaverse means a big change for brands of all shapes and sizes in how they target customers, and their customer’s new MULTIPLE personas. The Metaverse is like the Internet on steroids, where instead of just reading text and watching videos, technologies such as 3D and artificial intelligence will allow participants to interact in virtual “universes.” Through avatars, people will be able to try on items available in stores or attend concerts with friends, just as they would offline. And, they are already spending real money in the Metaverse.

Recently, Ariana Grande, rocking her high ponytail and a new look of a shimmering dress made of shards of glass, dazzled audiences with her hits “Raindrops” and “Be Alright” against backgrounds of dreamy, candy-colored sets and it wasn’t your typical concert. 

Ariana Grande Performs a Virtual Concert in Fortnite

Upon her entrance to the concert, she towered over her fans and smashed them with a bejeweled hammer. Then, she sprouted wings and flew across a landscape of floating bubbles and ornaments, blowing kisses back at her fans… who were dressed as mini Ariana Grandes. Yes it’s true – this all happened not in real life, but in the virtual world of FORTNITE.

And guess what – people paid real money to see her concert in the virtual world. In fact, 78 million players worldwide paid to be at her virtual concert in Fortnite!

According to Forbes, it is anticipated that Grande will likely receive tens of millions of dollars and merchandise sales from her Rift Tour stint, while The Independent reported the concert to be a stepping stone in Fortnite’s endeavor to create a ​“metaverse”, AKA an online 3D space outside of usual gaming parameters.

So, not only will she receive tens of millions of dollars in merchandise sales from this… In the first three days after Grande’s event, video streams of her hit “Be Alright” surged 123% from 42,000 streams to 93,000 streams. And it wasn’t even really her performing! Crazy, huh?

The crazy thing is that while the metaverse is a blend of virtual worlds and physical realities, it is kinda like an alternative universe. So, it’s already been proven with these games like Roblox that people behave and have different preferences in their virtual worlds than in real life. So, brands have a tough job ahead. They need to really understand consumers in both worlds. What are their buying preferences, relationship preferences, and fashion preferences?

The Metaverse is here

That’s just the start. Tune in for the full scoop.

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