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Tostitos has dreamed up and executed some pretty creative campaigns to make sure that when we walk down the chip aisle, we think of Tostitos for tortilla chips. From breathalyzer chip bags that will call you an Uber, to a spicy telenovela series… you can’t predict what Tostitos will do next!

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Check out some of the great articles we sourced to gather all the facts for this episode.

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Ad Week’s article titled “Tostitos Created Ridiculousy Amusing Telenovela to Promote It’s New Spicy Chips” By Kristina Monllos APRIL 13, 2016

The New York Times has a great article from 2011 by Stuart Elliott titled “For Dipping? Sure, but for Reconnecting, Too”

The Drive had a great article from January 2017 by Will Sabel Courtney titled “Tostitos’s Smart “Party Bag” Can Call an Uber for You If You’re Drunk” 

Ad Age’s article by Alexandra Jardine from earlier this year titled “See Dan Levy And Kate Mckinnon Compete To Describe Tostitos Habanero’s Spiciness” was great.

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