Welcome to Will It Stick? podcast, where hosts Melissa and Alexis cover creative advertising campaigns, PR stunts, and marketing activations that brands of all shapes and sizes pull, and dive into the research and data to understand if it worked.

Tiffany & Co. may be over 184 years old (WOW) but it is not afraid to shake things up to prove it is just as relevant today as ever. It is no easy task for such an iconic brand to be perceived as fresh and cool to new generations (we’re talking about you Gen Z), but timeless, exclusive, and attractive to the generations who have been buying Tiffany for decades at the same time. The direction that Tiffany & Co is taking today with its marketing in an attempt to do just that is a bit shocking. In this episode, we cover some big PR stunts, some surprising collaborations, some seemingly offensive ad campaigns and possibly a HUGE change to the brand’s iconic color! Did someone say Tiffany Yellow? Get ready to dive deep into the vault of all things Tiffany in this episode.

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