Welcome to Will It Stick? podcast, where hosts Melissa and Alexis cover creative advertising campaigns, PR stunts, and marketing activations that brands of all shapes and sizes pull, and dive into the research and data to understand if it worked and of course … Will It Stick?

In 2007, Todd Davis the CEO of Lifelock decided to do something BIG to capture the attention of the millions of Americans he wanted to use his identify theft protection software. He shared his social security number with the world, because he was so confident in the strength of his product and the result was insane.

Todd Davis’ BOLD LifeLock PR Stunt & Ad Campaign

Join us as we chat with Todd Davis about the moment he decided to pull this stunt, what actually happened behind the scenes, how he handled finding out his business partner had lied about the brand’s founding story, being hit with the biggest FTC fine in history and SO MUCH MORE.

Make sure you go back and listen to our very first episode where we cover this stunt in full detail so you have all the context.

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Listen to our very first episode covering the Lifelock Social Security Stunt Here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lifelocks-ceo-wants-you-to-steal-his-identity/id1561038775?i=1000516143353

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