Welcome to Will It Stick? podcast, where hosts Melissa and Alexis cover creative advertising campaigns, PR stunts, and marketing activations that brands of all shapes and sizes pull, and dive into the research and data to understand if it worked and of course … Will It Stick?

Today we’re talking about someone who is quite notorious. Perhaps you know him? Let me describe him for you:

Mosquitoes refuse to bite him purely out of respect 

He can slam a revolving door 

He has inside jokes with complete strangers 

His shirts never wrinkle 

He once taught a German Shepard to bark in Spanish

Bulls flat out refuse to fight him

His small talk has altered foreign policy 

He once parallel parked a train 

HE IS…. The Most Interesting Man in the World. 

This Dos Equis campaign that was essentially created out of spite and kind of as a joke ended up being one of the most iconic and memorable ad campaigns AND it took Dos Equis from an obscure Mexican beer with so-so regional sales to be one of the leading beers in the U.S. 

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