Welcome to Will It Stick? podcast, where hosts Melissa and Alexis cover creative advertising campaigns, PR stunts, and marketing activations that brands of all shapes and sizes pull, and dive into the research and data to understand if it worked and of course … Will It Stick?

In honor of being named the Best Marketing Podcast of 2022 by Adweek, we are replaying some of our fan-favorite episodes! What does a bad date and two frustrated 25-year old employees have to do with how Dos Equis’ most iconic mascot was born? The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign by Dos Equis has a backstory you would never have imagined! It was essentially created out of spite and ended up being one of the most iconic and memorable ad campaigns, taking Dos Equis from an obscure Mexican beer with so-so regional sales to be one of the leading beers in the U.S.? Join us as we dive in!


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