049: INTERVIEW: Tim Hargis on Tuft & Needle: Mattress Stores Are Greedy

In Episode 20, we covered Tuft & Needle’s amazing and totally loud marketing campaign: Mattress Stores Are Greedy. We had the chance to chat with Tim Hargis, one of the key players in the creation of that edgy campaign. Tim was the former VP of Marketing & Business Development for Tuft & Needle. He shares some great stories about how the campaign was born and how and why it worked so well.

048: Super Bowl 2022 Best Ads

Super Bowl 2022 was finally a year full of pretty solid and entertaining advertising! We saw a few major themes: celebrities, climate change, and crypto. We’ve lined up our top six favorite ads and we talk about one pretty controversial ad that initially seemed strong, but went off the rails. Let us know if you agree with our picks!

047: #FreeBritney Marketing Movement

Britney Spears is one of the biggest pop stars in the world and that title has come with a lot of drama, controversy and public support … and all of it started because of how Britney and her image was marketed as a brand, and how focused her label and family was on protecting her brand and image when she went through some personal struggles. The #freebritney marketing movement was created by fans to break Britney free of her conservatorship and it worked. The #freebritney hashtag on Tiktok has surpassed over 1.1 BILLION views illustrating the real potential of a people-powered marketing movement.

046: Oscar Mayer Jingles About Meat

My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R…. there is no doubt about it – you cannot get the infamous Oscar Mayer jingles out of your head for hours after hearing them. The Oscar Mayer brand was the first to brand meat in the 1920s and has been super creative about its marketing strategies since the brand started. From weinermobiles to jingles to everything in between, we dive into all the crazy marketing tactics of our favorite nostalgic processed meat brand in this episode.

045: Gucci Gets Gen Z

House of Gucci has been a hit at the box office, so we wanted to find out a little more about how Gucci’s marketing strategy helped explode the brand. Between Tom Ford’s provocative products & racy ads, to finding insanely smart ways to entertain and delight Gen Z – Gucci’s marketing strategy is as iconic as the brand itself.

044: Top Super Bowl Stunts Through History

It’s almost that time of the year when big brands get ready to shell out beaucoup bucks for a 30-second spot in the Big Game, the Super Bowl. Many brands have taken the idea of advertising around the Super Bowl to new levels by activating stunts instead of traditional ads. In this episode, we dive into the history of how the Super Bowl became the mecca for advertising and we uncover some of our favorite brand stunts through time.

043: Pornhub’s Purpose-Driven & Attention-Grabbing Marketing

PornHub is the 10th most trafficked website in the world and 57% of the brand’s website traffic comes from direct visits… this means that PornHub has become a true household name in the world of marketing, which is no easy feat for any company let alone a porn brand. Despite being risque in nature, PornHub is continually featured in mainstream media – all because of its uber-creative PR stunts and #SFW marketing campaigns.

042: Weight Watchers’ Branding Woes & Wins

New year, new you! Every year, 45 million Americans spend $33 million on dieting and weight loss solutions. Weight Watchers, now called WW, leads the pack and has had an interesting road and made some really smart brand choices along with some pretty brutal marketing moves. From the Oprah effect to a sex campaign gone wrong, we cover it all!

041: Brandstanding Wins & Fails of 2021 Round-Up

We wouldn’t let a new year go by without recapping some of the wildest moments in social media in 2021. We talk purpose-driven newsjacking, dropping social media to take a stand, founder fails, cancel culture rebrands and of course, shrimp tails inside of cereal boxes.

040: Peloton’s PR Problems: Sex In The City, The Peloton Wife & More

Peloton has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks, and this new Sex In The City controversy is definitely not the first time the brand has faced challenges with its advertising campaigns. We dive into ALL the dirt and share the details of how Peloton continues to dominate the home fitness category despite its marketing missteps.