043: Pornhub’s Purpose-Driven & Attention-Grabbing Marketing

PornHub is the 10th most trafficked website in the world and 57% of the brand’s website traffic comes from direct visits… this means that PornHub has become a true household name in the world of marketing, which is no easy feat for any company let alone a porn brand. Despite being risque in nature, PornHub is continually featured in mainstream media – all because of its uber-creative PR stunts and #SFW marketing campaigns.

042: Weight Watchers’ Branding Woes & Wins

New year, new you! Every year, 45 million Americans spend $33 million on dieting and weight loss solutions. Weight Watchers, now called WW, leads the pack and has had an interesting road and made some really smart brand choices along with some pretty brutal marketing moves. From the Oprah effect to a sex campaign gone wrong, we cover it all!

041: Brandstanding Wins & Fails of 2021 Round-Up

We wouldn’t let a new year go by without recapping some of the wildest moments in social media in 2021. We talk purpose-driven newsjacking, dropping social media to take a stand, founder fails, cancel culture rebrands and of course, shrimp tails inside of cereal boxes.