067: (ENCORE) Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

In honor of being named the Best Marketing Podcast of 2022 by Adweek, we are replaying some of our fan-favorite episodes! Check out this story about how Old Spice went from a not-so-popular brand that your Grandpa wore, to the top selling men’s body wash brand in less than on year. All because of one insanely creative, sexy campaign that focused on getting women to stop buying their man “lady scented products.”

066: (ENCORE) White Claw Goes Viral

In honor of being named the Best Marketing Podcast of 2022 by Adweek, we are replaying some of our fan-favorite episodes! Check out this story we told about how despite only being around for a handful of years, White Claw has come to dominate the seltzer market and how it has truly become a people-powered brand.

065: (ENCORE) Tuft & Needle: Mattress Stores Are Greedy

In honor of being named the Best Marketing Podcast of 2022 by Adweek, we are replaying some of our fan-favorite episodes. Enjoy this one, all about how Tuft & Needle made buying a mattress online the norm, and how it did it with an edgy, boundary-pushing ad campaign that paid off big time.

064: PR Stunts Roundup July 2022

We round up all the weirdest, wackiest PR stunts and experiential campaigns of July 2022. We talk about Dole, Leafly, Pizza Pizza, Vita Coco, Subway, Heineken, Peas of Heaven, Pabst Blue Ribbon and MNTN.

063: Airbnb’s Stunt-Driven Strategy

Would you ever go on a vacation and stay inside of a giant 6-ton potato? Well, Airbnb wants to entice you with all the crazy bookable rentals, contests, insane experiences, and more. Airbnb is the ideal example of how to utilize partnerships and PR stunts to drive insane awareness and revenue. In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic that nearly killed travel, Airbnb had a valuation of $86.5 billion at the time it went public, selling at $146 per share on opening day. Just 12 years after the company was started by a few guys in a San Francisco apartment.

062: The Gerber Baby

The Gerber Baby has stared at customers from every single bottle of Gerber baby foods and has appeared in every single Gerber ad since the 1900s! Today, it’s considered one of the most recognized consumer logos and most trusted consumer brands… and did you know that the iconic face of America’s most famous baby was actually a real person whose identity was kept secret for about 40 years? Get the full scoop about how The Gerber Baby came to be and helped grow Gerber to earn over $600 million in annual revenue per year.

061: Southwest Airlines: Malice in Dallas

When Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher was faced with a competitor slashing prices in the 1970s in an effort to put Southwest out of business, Herb got creative and pulled a PR stunt. Then, in the 1990s, he did it again when faced with a potential legal battle over a tagline….he responded with an insanely creative PR stunt. In fact, the reason Southwest is one of the top airlines in the industry today is because of these off-the-wall, creative stunts that Herb pulled off.

060: Dominos: We’re Sorry Our Pizza Sucks

In 2009, Dominos suffered a major blow when a series of five viral videos were uploaded to Youtube showing a male employee at a Domino’s Pizza chain in North Carolina contaminating ingredients with his body while a female narrates that items with those ingredients will go out to customers. Immediately the media went crazy and people were rightfully disgusted and Dominos lost revenue and the brands stock was trading at less than $10 per share! But, CEO Patrick Doyle had a plan to turn it around.

059: Gatorade & Be Like Mike

Gatorade’s Be Like Mike campaign has gone down in history as one of the most memorable and effective campaigns in the history of sports marketing. From stealing Michael Jordan from Coke, to having to create a totally custom song in a matter of days when the original plan went sideways, this campaign was beloved and it elevated Gatorade’s brand awareness around the world… but did it increase sales?

058: Pride Campaigns – Round 2

This is the second round of our Pride Campaigns series. This time, we take a look at the OG brands who came out with LGBTQ+ focused ads before it was really the norm, and for some brands, before it was even socially acceptable at all. From Ray Ban to Ikea, you’ll be surprised to learn about how these brands took big risks to take a stand.