037: 9 Top Holiday PR Stunts & Campaigns

From TikTok-ing Turkeys to Elf-Themed Hotel Suites, this holiday-themed episode covers some of the craziest, coolest Christmas and holiday marketing campaigns and stunts. Did you know that consumer-facing brands typically earn 50% of their annual revenue all in the fourth quarter of the year? The holidays are BIG business for brands. In this episode, we’re talking all about some of the top Holiday PR Stunts & Marketing Campaigns.

036: Yeti is the Coolest Cooler Brand

How do you create a market for a $300 cooler? Just ask the guys behind Yeti, one of the coolest people-powered brands out there. In just a few short years, Yeti has come to dominate the market and command insane prices for its indestructible coolers. Plus, there is SO MUCH content out there that Yeti customers create, for them, for FREE. This brand is one to learn from!

035: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Started as a PR Stunt

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a long-standing tradition for many American households, and has been for decades. But, did you know that the parade started way back in 1924 as one giant PR stunt for Macy’s to draw shoppers to its one million square foot store in NYC? Today, the parade has become the Superbowl of the holiday season for family-friendly brands.

033: Tostitos’ Spicy Stunts & Ads

Tostitos has dreamed up and executed some pretty creative campaigns to make sure that when we walk down the chip aisle, we think of Tostitos for tortilla chips. From breathalyzer chip bags that will call you an Uber, to a spicy telenovela series… you can’t predict what Tostitos will do next!

032: White Claw Fans Take The Brand Viral

White Claw has only been around for five years, but it dominates the seltzer category, mostly because White Claw fans across the U.S. have taken the brand into their own hands creating memes and videos that have gone viral. This episode will give you a glimpse into the power of creating a people-powered brand and remember…there ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws!

031: Brands & Breast Cancer Awareness

Brands have been raising money and awareness for breast cancer since the 80s when cause marketing really became a thing. But, today there is quite a bit of controversy around brands selling products to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this episode will encourage you to ask more questions before buying a product with a pink ribbon on it.

030: Just Do It: The Most Iconic Slogan in Advertising

Just Do It: those 3 words might be the most iconic words in advertising. You hear it, and you immediately see the swoosh and think Nike. It feels like that slogan must have been a part of the brand since Nike’s inception, that’s how much a part of the brand it feels like it is. But the truth is, it wasn’t and the story behind the inspiration for the movement is INSANE.

029: Red Bull & The World’s Most Insane Marketing Stunt

Red Bull has earned a reputation as the riskiest brand, pulling off insane stunts like doing donuts in a race car on the top of the world’s tallest building or skydivers moving between gliders mid-air. But one of its stunts might hold the coveted spot as the world’s most famous marketing stunt EVER.

028: The PR Stunt That Got America Eating Bacon

America is obsessed with bacon. But, did you know that once upon a time not so long ago people had to be CONVINCED to eat bacon for breakfast? AND, the concept of breakfast being the most important meal of the day was actually completely fabricated as a PR stunt by one company in an attempt to sell more bacon – and it WORKED.