022: Odd Food-Themed Stunts & Campaigns

We’re back with another round of crazy PR stunts that brands have pulled, but this time it’s all about FOOD. From Mac ‘N Cheese flavored ice cream to Emotional Support Chicken – grab a Pepto and buckle up! Some are good, some are bad but they are ALL effective.

021: Men in Uggs? How Ugg Markets to Win Despite the Haters

The Ugg Brand is an undeniable cultural phenomenon. You either love them or you hate them. But, people all over the world are still obsessed – and today that obsession spans multiple generations – babies, kids, tweens, teens, and adults of all ages…. and MEN. Are you as surprised as we are??

020: Tuft & Needle: Mattress Stores Are Greedy

It was 2012, and one young software engineer was disgusted by the experience he and his new bride had when mattress shopping. With zero experience in the mattress world, two entrepreneurs got together to solve a real problem that had plagued the mattress industry for decades: Mattress Stores Are Greedy.

019: Victoria’s Secret: Rise, Fall & Rebirth

In 1977, one American businessman decided there should be a high-end lingerie store that both men and women would be comfortable shopping in. Victoria’s Secret focus on angel-like, teeny-tiny dream women and its approach to marketing worked… until it didn’t.

018: How Match.com Got Women Dating Online

In 1995, Internet dating was not common or “normal”. Match.com hit the market with a goal to change perceptions and the brand’s marketing efforts successfully changed a culture and really built the internet dating phenomenon that is the norm today!

017: PR Stunts Gone Wrong

What happens when an attempt to create the world’s largest popsicle results in gallons of pink, gooey liquid flowing onto the streets of NYC and causes pedestrians to flee in panic? Sometimes things don’t go as planned when it comes to a creative marketing idea and we found three of our fave PR Stunt FAILS!