029: Red Bull & The World’s Most Insane Marketing Stunt

Red Bull has earned a reputation as the riskiest brand, pulling off insane stunts like doing donuts in a race car on the top of the world’s tallest building or skydivers moving between gliders mid-air. But one of its stunts might hold the coveted spot as the world’s most famous marketing stunt EVER.

028: The PR Stunt That Got America Eating Bacon

America is obsessed with bacon. But, did you know that once upon a time not so long ago people had to be CONVINCED to eat bacon for breakfast? AND, the concept of breakfast being the most important meal of the day was actually completely fabricated as a PR stunt by one company in an attempt to sell more bacon – and it WORKED.

027: Durex Condoms Challenges Sexual Norms

Durex is the top selling condom brand in the world, but what’s really interesting about Durex is not just its edgy, attention-getting advertisements – the brand is also tackling some very taboo topics to challenge and change sexual norms.

026: Marketing in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is coming and that means a big change for brands of all shapes and sizes in how they target customers, and their customer’s new MULTIPLE personas. Through avatars, people will be able to try on items available in stores or attend concerts with friends, just as they would offline. And, they are already spending real money in the Metaverse. Are you ready?

025: Louis Vuitton’s Multi-Generational Appeal

Louis Vuitton has ruled the fashion world and won over the hearts of consumers for decades and decades and decades, since the mid 1800’s. Louis Vuitton has managed to withstand the demise of the mall and rise of online shopping. It is desired by Gen Z and Boomers alike. They don’t have sales or discounts and somehow they still crush it and evolve the brand. How? Join us as we dive in!

024: Volkswagen & The Fun Theory

When Volkswagen faced a big challenge launching its eco-friendly vehicle in Sweden at a time when the eco-car market was already well established, and most consumers did not think of VW as an eco-innovator, they decided to try something FUN. VW brought The Fun Theory in as a way to make it fun for humans to change behavior, and it took off in a big way!

023: Oreo’s Playful PR Strategy is Pop Culture Centric

Oreo is the world’s favorite cookie and has some insane marketing genius behind the brand to keep things purposely playful. We dive into how the brand has crushed the cookie game since its early inception through some of its more recent fun PR stunts.

022: Odd Food-Themed Stunts & Campaigns

We’re back with another round of crazy PR stunts that brands have pulled, but this time it’s all about FOOD. From Mac ‘N Cheese flavored ice cream to Emotional Support Chicken – grab a Pepto and buckle up! Some are good, some are bad but they are ALL effective.

021: Men in Uggs? How Ugg Markets to Win Despite the Haters

The Ugg Brand is an undeniable cultural phenomenon. You either love them or you hate them. But, people all over the world are still obsessed – and today that obsession spans multiple generations – babies, kids, tweens, teens, and adults of all ages…. and MEN. Are you as surprised as we are??

020: Tuft & Needle: Mattress Stores Are Greedy

It was 2012, and one young software engineer was disgusted by the experience he and his new bride had when mattress shopping. With zero experience in the mattress world, two entrepreneurs got together to solve a real problem that had plagued the mattress industry for decades: Mattress Stores Are Greedy.