011: The Blair Witch Project Viral Hoax

The Blair Witch Project is credited with cultivating viral marketing at the start of the Internet era. So how did one movie from 1999 create such confusion and excitement all because of its marketing that it became the fifth highest-earning independent film of all time?

010: Old Spice & The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

How in the heck did Old Spice go from a brand marketed to Grandpas to an ultra sexy brand for millennials? Add one part viral video, one part sexy man in a shower and a sprinkling of an uber-creative direct response campaign and Old Spice is all fresh and new again and the ROI is insane.

009: Jeep: The People Powered Brand

Few brands can claim that their customers do the majority of the marketing for them, and Jeep is one of the few. Hear how Jeep has become a people-powered brand and hear about some of the radical stunts they have pulled.

008: Thinx Panties Disrupt. Period.

Thinx “period-proof underwear” has utilized controversial marketing campaigns to catapult the brand from a scrappy start-up to a multi-million dollar empire. This one will shock you, but does it have sticking power?

006: Barbie’s Iconic Marketing Strategy

will it stick podcast barbie

How did a men’s sex toy become the most iconic kid’s toy in history? Barbie is the OG influencer for many reasons, and she is one of the first toys to have a marketing strategy based extensively on television advertising to kids.

005: The Taco Liberty Bell

Taco Liberty Bell

The year was 1996 and Taco Bell made a bold move to purchase one of the nation’s most iconic symbols of freedom all in the name of publicity. Ring a bell?