077: PR Stunts Round Up: September 2022

It’s time for September’s PR stunts and campaigns round-up! The brands we cover this month include: Tide, Mint Mobile + Arizona Iced Tea, Heinz, Draft Kings, Guitar Center + Southwest Airlines, M&Ms and My Little Pony.

076: INTERVIEW: Bob Roth & Gatorade’s Be Like Mike Campaign

Recently, we covered Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” campaign, which has gone down in history as one of the most iconic and memorable advertising campaigns in the history of sports marketing. Featuring Michael Jordan, this campaign origin story is full of twists and turns that involve an insane brand feud between Gatorade and Powerade (owned by Coke) and so much more. 

Join us as we chat with Bob Roth, former Regional Cold Channel Manager for Gatorade during the brand’s iconic Be Like Mike campaign. Bob shares some behind-the-scenes information and a unique perspective on what the campaign did for the company. 

075: Chick-fil-A & Eat Mor Chikin

Chick-fil-A and its iconic Eat Mor Chikin advertising campaign featuring cows begging humans to choose chicken over beef was born out of necessity and lots of trial and error. How was a fast-food restaurant that exclusively served chicken and was only open 6 days a week going to compete with the big burger joints that offered larger menus, were open 7 days a week and had way bigger advertising budgets? EAT MOR CHIKIN! The story behind the creation of this campaign and the results it generated will blow your mind. 

074: (ENCORE) Dos Equis & The Most Interesting Man in the World 

In honor of being named the Best Marketing Podcast of 2022 by Adweek, we are replaying some of our fan-favorite episodes! What does a bad date and two frustrated 25-year old employees have to do with how Dos Equis’ most iconic mascot was born? The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign by Dos Equis has a backstory you would never have imagined! It was essentially created out of spite and ended up being one of the most iconic and memorable ad campaigns, taking Dos Equis from an obscure Mexican beer with so-so regional sales to be one of the leading beers in the U.S.?

073: PR Stunts Round Up: August 2022

We’re back with our monthly round-up of the best (and worst) PR stunts and experiential marketing activations and campaigns. For our August 2022 edition, we cover:

– Burger King & Uber Eats
– Patron Enters the Metaverse
-Tito’s Mocks Canned Seltzers
-Kidfresh Launches Wine Pairings for Nugget-Stealing Parents
-Fancy Feast NYC Restaurant (yes, the cat food)
-Instacart Crashes VMAs with Cart Couture

072: Uber Gets Weird with PR Stunts

“The best companies become verbs” – that’s according to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. That puts Uber in the best company category … Uber has become a verb in record time. So how exactly does a brand become a verb? We uncover some of the greatest (and weirdest) PR stunts Uber has pulled to stand out and rake in a whopping $25 billion in annual revenue — AND GROWING.

071: Dove: Real Beauty

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a worldwide marketing campaign launched by Unilever in 2004 aiming to build self-confidence in women and young children and WOW has it made a mark. This campaign stands out as one of the most impactful advertising campaigns of our time. Tune in for the full scoop on how one of the world’s largest brands took a stand and did something great for the world while increasing brand awareness and revenue.

070: Viagra’s Awkward Advertising

Oh, Viagra! For a brand that promotes sexual consistency, it sure produces the most inconsistent advertising campaigns. This brand has immense value, but is insanely all over the map with its marketing messages which just leaves us with some pretty awkward ad campaigns. We cover the hilarious, the horrible and a more recent ad campaign that actually humanizes ED and pulls at the heart strings.

069: Duolingo Dominates TikTok

Duolingo is CRUSHING IT on TikTok. Since 2021, the company has grown its TikTok audience to 4 million followers and routinely fetches more than 1 million views per video. At the same time, it’s become one of the most popular educational apps with more than 500 million downloads and $250 million in revenue in 2021, up 55% from 2020. How have they done it? Tune in for the full scoop!

068: (ENCORE) Louis Vuitton’s Multigenerational Appeal

In honor of being named the Best Marketing Podcast of 2022 by Adweek, we are replaying some of our fan-favorite episodes! Louis Vuitton has ruled the fashion world and won over the hearts of consumers for decades and decades and decades, since the mid 1800’s. Louis Vuitton has managed to withstand the demise of the mall and rise of online shopping. It is desired by Gen Z and Boomers alike. They don’t have sales or discounts and somehow they still crush it and evolve the brand. How? Join us as we dive in!